4 Simple Dog Training Tips

4 Simple Dog Training Tips

Your dog can be the best companion you have ever had in your life. However, to ensure that you get the best from your dog and ensure that it is happy at all times, you need to do proper training. It is only by doing the right training that the dog will be able to obey you and behave in the way that you will enjoy its company too. Regardless of the age of the dog, there are certain tips you need to apply. Here are some of the most effective tips to follow when training your dog.

Choose a perfect name for your dog

The first thing that will ensure that you succeed when training your dog is the name that you choose. It is advisable that you select the name wisely and respect it. It is obvious that you will need to choose a name that you also love. However, for training purposes you need to select a short name that ends with a powerful consonant. This makes it easy to call its name to make it possible for the dog to hear it in a clear manner. Names with strong ending perk the ear of your dog and are easy to master.

Make decision on the house rules

Another way that your dog will behave in the right manner is by deciding on the house rules that the dog must adhere to. Before the dog comes into the house you need to make it understand what it can do and what it cannot. For example, decide whether it can climb on your sofa or not and make it understand exactly what to do. In overall, you have to train your dog to understand its limitation in the house. By setting the rules early, you will be able to avoid confusion that might arise in the house for both of you.

Teach the dog to come when called

One of the obedient dog training technique is to make it understands that when it is called it needs to come. This is a command that it should master before all other things. Since the dog will be coming to you, this will be a great way to reinforce your alpha status. You need to call it using its name and when it obeys, motivate it using positive reinforcement. You need to do this from the time your dog is very young and you will find the several benefits of perfecting this great command when it matures.

Reward good behaviour

Just like you do with your children, it is good that you reward your dog when it demonstrates good behaviour. You need to reward it with positive reinforcement by giving it treats such as heap of praise, toys, treats and others. This will help your dog know when it is getting things right or wrong. On the other hand, you should never reward your dog when it behaves badly because might not only encourage it to behave badly, but also confuse it.