10 Basic Dog Training Tips and Tricks

10 Basic Dog Training Tips and Tricks

A well-mannered dog brings much joy and pride to its owner. There are some basic things expected from every dog; for example to be obedience and proper usage of its toilet. However this doesn’t happen automatically, you have to help your animal go through this training. Assisting the animal to obey your instructions could be challenging and frustrating. But the general rule is acting friendly and giving rewards at the right moments. Right from its puppy stage, put these tips or tricks to makes the exercise more fruitful;

1. Display the right qualities as a leader

When you want to issue a command to your puppy, be composed and act assertively. Know your way through the set of instructions you are about to issue. Do it and let your dog follow you, lead.

2. Consistency matters

Be steady with your training. Let everyone in the family issue the same command, not contradictory instructions. Use the same words to discourage or discourage a behavior. Uniformity is a prime factor here. The training must also be done regularly

3. Don’t just say no- be in clear with what you want

At times your dog may act contrarily to your expectation. For example jumping on to a visitor don’t just scold him or say no and leave it there correct him by saying what he should do; like sit

4. Reward positive traits

Every animal must be rewarded for any good deed done. Whether it’s during training or not, when your puppy does something right you should appreciate, for example with a pat. Don’t ignore the good deeds while being ready to reprimand every wrong. However be consistent in your mode of appreciation.

5. Use gestures

To ensure that your pet understands your command, accompany the command with some gestures. Do this repeatedly and he’ll quickly follow your movement.

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6. Define his resting place

Let the dog know his kennel. This should be exclusively used by him and not shared with anyone one else. Whenever he’s tired, he’ll have somewhere to resort to. To ensure your puppy likes his house, ensure it is tidy and comfortable.

7. Correct instantly

Occasionally you might find your dog doing something that annoys you. Employing the right tone and body signs, correct the dog and let him know you can’t tolerate that behavior. Do this instantly when he makes the mistake. But never prolong your anger or hold a grudge. This might even confuse him more.

8. Lay down his rules

Right before you adopt the puppy or an adult dog, lay down what he is allowed to do and what he mustn’t do. Let everyone else beware and reinforce these rules. Will he be allowed on the table, bed or in the main house?

9. End the training on a successful note

For each training session, conclude the session with the pet getting something right. This is to encourage him to love the exercises. Pat or act generously to him.

10. Ensure your dog has a name

Give your pet a nice name. Use it consistently when referring to him and he’ll accept it. Dog training is never an easy task. It calls for consistency and patience. Just like every human being would thrive when accorded love, your dog does too; your training will be much successful. This will also ensure you maintain a close attachment to your pet.